Arbor Church, a Reformed Congregation

Elders Ministry

As the Arbor Church Constitution states, “it is the duty of elders to faithfully and scripturally order the church’s affairs and labor for its maturity.”

Diaconal Ministry

The main purpose of the Diaconal Ministry is to alleviate the elders of the physical tasks of the church which would often divert the pastors’ time from preaching and teaching roles. This being said, deacons serve in a physical capacity and to meet a need. The deacons are primarily involved in coordinating the upkeep of the church premises through the weekly duties of clean-up and set-up, sound system and recording operation, offering counting, and striving to meet miscellaneous needs with ready assistance as these needs may arise. The deacons, furthermore, oversee the church cleaning and grounds maintenance with volunteers assisting as the need arises.

Sunday School

We have Sunday School for adults, preschool (ages 2-6), primary (grades 1-5), and junior high (grades 6-9).  A variety of topics are covered in order to enhance our love for God and his people.


Our Lord has commanded his church to be instrumental in making disciples of all nations, and it is our desire that Arbor Church be vitally involved in fulfilling this commission. It is our privilege to financially support on a regular basis the following:

  • Ken and Kath Ashcroft, missionaries to Romania and Hungary primarily, who are involved in teaching, encouraging and supporting pastors and churches especially through a literature-distribution ministry, but also through preaching, teaching and counseling.
  • Don and Gail Donell, church planters currently working to establish a church in Asheville, NC.

Arbor Church supports various short term missions trips that are taken by members of the church.

Small Groups

The goal of this ministry is to encourage true spiritual fellowship among members of the body. Members and willing non-members have been placed into one of several different small groups. The groups meet several times a month on Sunday nights for Bible Study, prayer and fellowship.

Ladies Fellowship

Our Ladies Fellowship meetings are at the church on the second Thursday of each month.  Our purpose is to know true biblical fellowship together and be strengthened spiritually. The Bible verse which we have chosen to be our goal is Proverbs 27:17: “As iron sharpens iron, so a man (or in our case a woman!) sharpens the countenance of his friend.”

Arbor Church Prison Ministry

The Arbor Church Prison Ministry is an outreach program of witness and encouragement for enrolled prison inmates. Our goal is to write or contact each inmate at least weekly, providing words of council and encouragement and such printed matter as may be appropriate for each individual. Inmates may be enrolled in the program by personal request or nomination by an interested party (with the inmate’s approval). Those who have an inmate nomination or are interested in participating in this ministry should contact the Prison Ministry Coordinator, Jim Barber, or one of the Pastors.

Adopt-a-Student Ministry

Several college students attend our church during the school year, and we seek to have a vital ministry toward them. One avenue along which we seek to do this is our Adopt-A-Student Ministry. Church families adopt students for the school year and provide them with a kind of “home away from home.” The adoptive parents open their homes to their “children” for meals, fellowship, prayer together, Christian fun, and other purposes. Additionally, the “parents” seek to remember their “children’s” birthdays and other special occasions during the year. Students have responded to this ministry in a remarkably positive way.

Hospitality Ministry

The Hospitality Ministry is a Sunday afternoon ministry which opens our homes to and provides a meal and fellowship for church members who travel a comparatively considerable distance each Lord’s Day, and for church visitors interested in knowing more about our church family. If you will be visiting the church and would like an opportunity to share a meal and fellowship with someone in the church, please let us know when you will be visiting by contacting us.

Nursing Home Ministry

The Nursing Home Ministry is a Sunday afternoon ministry which connects our church family with the sick and elderly at Heartland Nursing Center. Our goal is to consistently visit interested patients on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month to establish friendships which comfort the lonely, encourage fellow Christians, and witness to those who do not as yet know Jesus Christ. We also conduct the nursing home Chapel Service each Sunday at 4PM.

Nursery Ministry

A nursery is available to provide care for children ages 3 and under during the morning and evening corporate worship services (as well as Wednesday night during prayer meeting). The divider will then be opened for the whole room to be used for the nursery. This ministry is coordinated by Sharleen Phillips.

Other Ministry Opportunities

  • Church Cleaning Team: The Church Cleaning Team prepares the church building for Sunday Worship Services. The frequency of assignment depends on the number of volunteers on the Team. Currently, each group cleans the church three times per quarter. Guidance concerning Team duties is posted in the Utility Room.
  • Church Grounds Maintenance: The church grounds are mown by volunteers using a riding mower and gas push mower provided by the church. Contact one of the deacon if you are interested in helping.
  • Church Workdays: Twice each year, in the Spring and Fall, the church conducts a “Workday” during which special projects and periodic cleaning and maintenance tasks are accomplished by volunteers. Workdays are announced in advance and a signup sheet is posted in the Fellowship Room.
  • The Dayton Gospel Mission: The Gospel Mission operates a comprehensive inner-city mission near downtown Dayton, Ohio. It provides Gospel Services, Bible Classes, Family Services, Meals, Clothing, Sunday School, Summer Camp, Counseling, Senior Citizens Aid, and Men’s and Women’s Spiritual Life Programs. All services are open to men and women, young and old, of any race, belief, or circumstance. Volunteers provide a wide range of essential services in support of Mission operations. Further information may be obtained from the Mission at 223-4513, or at the Dayton Gospel Mission website.

Sunday School

Arbor Church

Sunday School

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